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Cold Bullet - Roshni
Cold Bullet - Roshni

About Band:

Cold Bullet is experimental/post rock/grunge act. For centuries Muslim scholars are arguing on whether music is Haraam or Halal .No one is able to prove it either way. We therefore decided to use it in a good way and use it as a weapon to spread messages among youth.


Ali Tabish :- Lead Vocals,
Bilal Muneer :- Lead Guitars,
Furqan – Ur – Rehman :- Guitars, Vocals,
Tanzeel Ur Rehman :- Rythm Guitars,
Ahad Badar :- Bass Guitars,
Ahsan Cheema :- Drums.

Roshni Produced & Recorded by Sam @ Lil’ Monsters Studio.

Time Passes Like A bullet. Never Haste. Remain A Cold Bullet…!

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