Dino’s debut album “Suno Zara” released

VJ Dino’s debut album has finally released by Fire Records. Really liked his song Pari which was on the internet a few years back. Wanting to hear how his album has turned out. Post your reviews if you have heard it or comments, for more inforamtion visit DINO’s official website www.thisisdino.com

Video of SUN ZARA:





5 responses to “Dino’s debut album “Suno Zara” released”

  1. Zeppelin Avatar

    It think you all being selfish, Sun Zara Sounded way good and besides its diffrent than many realeased albums uptil now. so Cheers for Dino… and learn to apreaciate…

  2. zee Avatar

    awwful vocals this guy should not sing….awwful album no lyrics no composiion felt like he jus relaeased an album because he was free for month……not recommended….

  3. adeeb Avatar

    oye ye raaz ko kis ne singer bana dia. dey r da bigest asshole singers on the earth. yukkkhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. Sanwal Avatar

    Voice is there and its working fine man

  5. Cheeru Avatar

    wat iss this !!! no voice no lyrics … simply bullshitt !

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