Pakistani Rock Band Roxen cancels album release in India, Pakistan post Mumbai attack

Mahesh Bhatt and Mustafa Zahid from Roxen Band
Mahesh Bhatt and Mustafa Zahid from Roxen Band

Roxen, Pakistan’s leading rock band, has delayed the launch of their much-awaited album in India in the light of the recent attacks on Mumbai.

Roxen, currently signed with an Indian audio label, had lined up the release of their debut album in India on December 15. It is said that the album features the original rock version of the successful ‘Tera Mera Rishta Purana‘ track from Mukesh Bhatt’s 2007 release, Awarapan.

The band was scheduled to fly to Mumbai for the promotion of the release and concurrently work on some film assignments that they have reportedly signed up.

The band’s lead vocalist, Mustafa Zahid (‘Tera Mera Rishta‘ / ‘To Phir Aao‘), revealed, “It’s not the right time for us to release an album knowing what India has gone through. I would love to take my band across cities in India to do a Peace show and involve members of the film and music community from India with whom I have worked with in the past but that seems difficult at the moment. Therefore, we have delayed the release of the album in India and Pakistan and will announce a re-scheduled date very soon.”

He added, “I would like to add that it’s not the nations that hate each other but certain political faces and agencies. Terrorists have no religion and it’s sad for them to think that jannat is a result of jihad.” On a lighter note, he added, “Time is the best healer. Everything will be fine, as both the countries have a purana rishta with each other!”

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