Month: November 2009

Zameer by Ureed – Download Audio

Eddie released his first track called “Chahat” in August 2007. The song came as a surprise to most of the people who just new him as an Event / Band Manager. A year later he started work on his Album with Jonathan (Guitars) and thus U.R.E.E.D was formed. UREED is an Arabic word which means “Desire”.

Arabs need unity, not conflict

This newfound animosity is ironic because the Algerian revolution in the 1950s against the occupying French was supported by the charismatic Egyptian leader Jamal Abdul Nasser. Similarly, the Algerians rose to the occasion and supported the Egyptians in their conflicts with Israel in the 1960s and 1970s, But today they are being lampooned by Egyptians for supposedly preferring to speak French, rather than Arabic. This is unacceptable behaviour from both sides.

CROSSROADS “Fashion Retail Brand” Pictures

CrossRoads came in existence in the winters of 2002. In start it was known for its wide range of sweaters, but now it’s a brand that have taken fashion retail to the peoples of different classes by providing a whole range of casual western clothes for both men and women, keeping its steps in allignment with the fast, ever evolving international trends. Now Crossroads has outlet in every major city of Pakistan and have steady fan following of Youngsters.

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