Z-Sean Ali Interview with Eastern EYE Britain’s # 1 South Asian Newspaper

Z-Sean Ali - Award Winning Pakistani Singer & based in Canada

Interview with Eastern EYE Britain’s # 1 South Asian Newspaper
Printed 20th February 2009 – Read by More then 16,000 All over UK

Jay Sean Being Authentic as a Canadian, The Pakistani Born Canadian Singer Z-Sean Ali
has won Many Awards in his Music Career one of it is Canadian Government Award and UK International Award, He Tells Eastern Eye How is Career Began at a young Age.

How old are you and where are you from?
I am 21 Years Old, Born In Pakistan But Raised In Toronto, Canada

How did you first get involved in music?
I was 4 Years Old when my Father took me to a Singing Competition, There were thousands and thousands of people gathered there, I sang there and won the Contest and Was the Youngest
child to win the Singing Award, My Inspiration and Involvement Started from there, Then when i turned 16 I met RDB Dj Manj in a Concert, I asked him to Record My song in his Studio, and he being such a great person recorded my song, and then from the i took off.:)

Tell us about your latest song?
My Latest Songs Include the HIT single of 2009 Mujhay Tanha, It is a song about a normal person who lost his wife in an accident and how he is now surviving without her, the video is going to be shot in
Dubai and will be Directed by Shawn Mat from S2B Productions UK.

How many songs have you recorded?
I have Recorded more then 10 Songs Up to date, And I am also working on My 2nd Album My First Album was called “Urban Tribute” and the Upcoming Album is Called “My Love Story”

What’s your favorite one and why?
Although I love all my songs (not be proud) …lolz but If i had to make a choiceit would be the song Called “Na Jee Bhar” (Tribute To Madam Noor Jehan), Because the song has feelings and emotions,
I payed my respect to the Legend Madam Noor Jehan On her Death Anniversary, and this is the Same song I have got 1 Canadian, 2 National, and 1 UK Award In South Asian Category.

Who are your musical inspirations?
RDB, Dj Manj, I have Been Inspired by RDB the Most all my life, he is not just my inspiration but he is my IDOL whom i respect for what he has done for me and for his guidance.Rest i would say, Kamran Ahmed, Omer Nadeem, Junaid Khan (Call), Ali Noor (Noori), Salman Ahmed (Junoon)And Last but not the Least Sukshinder Shinda and Jay Sean my Childhood Friend.

What’s the biggest challenge in trying to get a record deal?
The Biggest Challenge is that mostly many artist out there have alot of potential but they do not have source, in other terms a person who could guide them to where and how it has to be done, other aspects would be promotion, they get less publicity and then by time they fade out. but i would say keep trying dont give up, people will listen to you and your hard work.

What’s been your biggest achievement so far?
In this Small Age i have Achieved 1 Canadian Government Award For Best South Asian Singer, 2 National Awards and 1 International UK Award for South Asian Catagory, But Among them the Most Biggest Achievement I have so Far is Z-Sean Ali Trust, it is an organization for kids who do not have parents, our Trust works in All 3rd World Countries,and I have Committed 50% of my Music Earning to The Trust, So i Feel that is the Most Biggest Achievement.

Where will you be performing at?
I have got Alot of Tours Lined up for this year, Namely USA Tour, In Chicago, New York & Washingtonthen EU Tour In Germany, Denmark, and London, South Asia Tour Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Japan, and China.All these dates for the shows can be obtained from www.myspace.com/s2bzseanali. I am also Performing In MIXMAG Magazine Event, and IFALA (Indian Film Awards LA, USA)

What are you working on next?
The Video for the Second Album “My Love Story” The Promo and Video will Release in March 2009and I am also going to Launch my CD in June and July, Except those i have Shows and Concerts all Year long.

Why should a record label sign you?
I Have the Potential to Increase Music to a Level where no one has reached uptill now, music is a Purpose and that purpose is to make people forget there depressions and tensions through me and my
music, and i would like to say if its not for the music, its not for me.:) Bringing Back SUFI, BHANGRA, R&B, RAP genre back into line.

Where can people check your music out?

They Can check it out on MySpace – www.myspace.com/s2bzseanali





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