Gumrah The Band with debut song GUMRAH – J4JUMPY.NET exclusive launch

Band Profile:“GUMRAH” is a Qatar-based Band consisting of talented young musicians, having extensive musical background.

Gumrah The Band with debut song GUMRAH – J4JUMPY.NET exclusive launch

Band Line-up
Vocals: Usman Malik & Hamza Rathore
Drums: Sameeh Iftikhar
Lead: Sameed Iftikhar
Rhythm: Mehran Mahir
Bass: Sameed Iftikhar

Click here to download debut song: GUMRAH (mp3)


36 responses to “Gumrah The Band with debut song GUMRAH – J4JUMPY.NET exclusive launch”

  1. kashmiri Avatar

    Well The Song Is Chalta Hai. Nothing Special Or Breaking… Its Cool..

  2. m ahmed Avatar
    m ahmed

    music is fine xamza ur vocals rockkkks i really love ur voice anyhow i enjoyed music first 40 sec and abt another vocalist i've no words he iz dumb !!!!! if xamza hav sang this song ur tracks was gona be hit !!

  3. Nasir Avatar

    ya loog waqae gumrah haain…

  4. Omer Avatar

    and where has anyone asked you to show your pathetic arrogant state of mind by trying to pose as the grand abba know-it-all of pakistan music…some people would be triggered by anything to try and prove superiority, whereas what it actually reflects is a person cloaked be self created complexes through the (non)workings of a puny mind desperately trying to achieve grandeur to satisfy hollow imaginary needs that are feeble constructs of a feeble intellect…no one has asked for his bio, everyone knows as he is already well known to many

    now…anyone can help me get his Jupiters songs?

  5. master blaster Avatar
    master blaster

    yes i have irfan,s album i m a big fan of him

  6. naeem baloch Avatar
    naeem baloch

    this is answer to the post for irfan kiyani

    irfan kiyani is the elder bro of hadiqa kiyani he was the vocs of jupiters in 92 when u people were pissing in the pants .he released 2nd album sham ka anchal from jupiters lable.he left the music and gave one single after 18 yrs,dil diya dahleez drama title song kahay ko tu yad ay (by irfan kiyani ) is big hit .people want him to sing

  7. Omer Avatar

    This message is for Irfan Kiyani (the former Jupiters vocalist), I saw he had posted here so came here. Irfan, I had the 2nd Jupiters album with your vocals, on a cassette…dont have it anymore ๐Ÿ™ Any where your songs are available digitally or on any audio CD available in the market?

  8. Muhamed Waqas Avatar

    please learn more about music. the vocalist feels really weak. but u can do much better. but i really like your guitarist he is quite young talented guy. but please keep on improving vocals. but recording quality is quite good. keep on improving because there is a lot of compitition in the music to survive in the feild. best of luck Muhammed Waqas RAAZ THE BAND

  9. mahiii Avatar

    jal i love u keep it up saab jealous hain aap se . happy birthday farhan.

  10. jal band Avatar

    mother chodo bus karo chore do music

    naheen hai yeh tum logon kla ka kaam

  11. $!$!$kainat...... Avatar


    nd cheap song

    i hate this song the vocal the background muzis and singers voice 2yack

    its a crap………………………………:(:(

  12. ali Avatar


    waz dat a song . vocal need to b kicked out guitarist need sense music wen vocal goes asian alap guitar doesnt go like iced earth

  13. Real Gumrah Fan Avatar

    Please do not copy other band's name and logo.. come up with your own one.. this is the real bad: from USA

  14. kamran asghar Avatar
    kamran asghar

    from where the fuck did u people brought this vocalist and guitarist .when the vocs genere is classical the guitaring is non classical .the guiotarist is not even bothering what is happening with vocs.i think u people are searching for money and thats it u want shows ,u want name .

  15. irfan kiyani Avatar

    hi i am irfan kiyani former vocalist of jupiters

    u people have tried to copy jal.try to make ur own recognition.dont copy and dont go too much classical when u don have a classical background

  16. wasif Avatar

    the song in the end made me write here, [amazing track]

  17. daneyal chaudhry Avatar
    daneyal chaudhry

    cool song maaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn…the curus vocals the guitar solo and the last alaaps till the end was simply awesome, sounds likegreat effort so……………………………….. i'm loving it ๐Ÿ™‚

    thanks maham for sharing the link

  18. maham meraaj Avatar
    maham meraaj

    wow i liked da song so much

  19. fakhar nadeem Avatar
    fakhar nadeem

    great work….nice track

  20. salma Avatar

    I think its an amazing track i loved it ๐Ÿ™‚ ..its better den almost all da wanna bee tracks on pmr since way long .. guitaring ,vocaling and drums perfect and for those who r fking up .. maan u seriously ill say its only one guy is changing his id's and fking up with u guys .. ppl come here to criticize i am pretty sure all u ppl know is sht .. specially dis salman rashid he is coping da same comment everywhere its all conspiracy pakistani ppl cant see anyone going up huh :S

  21. talal rafi Avatar

    shit..i wasnt expecting this crap from you guys..get a life seriously.

  22. Sammy Avatar

    Ok so, they copied the name of the band from the US who obviously rocked!! And they even copied the "R" (inverted) from the original Gumrah's logo. Desi copy karne fauran chalay aatay hain!!! Two thumbs down for them! One thumb half up for trying!

  23. JD Avatar

    lol khasssssssssssiiii Mani hamz ne tou naam daboo diyaa Qatar ka bobz wat happend to ur d best guitarist here :S:S:S

    crap song

  24. Sohaib Avatar

    But I dont lol Shit hai

  25. shoaib Avatar

    brilliant track i love this trac

  26. Sohaib Avatar

    Trying To copy Leas solo and alab from Rahat fateh coke studio lol CHOR KA BACHA
    at : 2:15 to 4:00 mins in this video whahahahahaha

  27. ali Avatar

    OMG Such a piece of crap>>>> 0/10 man u cant sing and tha music is totly shit……. OMG where are GOOD musician…. FUCKING HEADACHE

  28. ali Avatar

    HAHA nice One >>> salman rashid ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. tahir Avatar

    salman ma boy take it ez…take ur 5 mins bak in ur u listen to dis song…ure m no sure none oda thn gumrahz rivals…

  30. salman rashid Avatar
    salman rashid

    wat a piece of crap!dude first prepare urself then record music big time!damn i want my 5 mins back and plz stop posting comments by using girl names to show you guyz are getting famous.get life seriously

  31. aliya Avatar

    10 on 10 guys

    kool stuff seriously..rock on

  32. Qazi Yousri Avatar
    Qazi Yousri

    Its good. But i think you guys can do much more better then this. Music and tune was simply great and unique. I dont mind vocals cause of technical matter as I heard Hamza Rathore singing live more outstanding then this recorded one. All the best and rock DOHA Paki dudes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. Tania Avatar

    O'Some LUrvd d SoNg! >>> ALL d BEsht! :).fo ur FuTuRe ! i Vll alwAys b One of ur BiG fan ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. fakhar nadeem Avatar
    fakhar nadeem

    remove S wid da wrd…:P HIT HAI

  35. Usman Avatar


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