Fire Records Pakistan arresting owners of pirated music websites?

Fire Records Pakistan arresting owners of pirated music websites?

For j4jumpy faith holders rumors accuse j4jumpy of piracy

J4jumpy was, is and will always be about promotion and not PIRACY!

I strongly disagree and dislike j4jumpy being compared and lined up with other sites that specifically host pirated music.

Today i personally hold hands with the music makers and artists who send me their demos/singles to launch and promote with great faith and trust.

before a record label company comes into play… j4jumpy plays its strong role in publicizing artists and keeping them alive by their own wish and trusty surrender towards our dedication to internationally promote all.

its not we who take the initiative… its the artists who take this initiative to share their new breaks with our showcasing… and j4jumpy is dedicated & promoting Pakistani underground music since 2000, its also almost 9 years now.. a simply WOW

we do value music… and moreover the artists.

for the music….and against the piracy !
that’s how we make you jump !


please share your comments ….!





4 responses to “Fire Records Pakistan arresting owners of pirated music websites?”

  1. sohail Avatar

    i want songs atif aslam nice singer

  2. geo Avatar

    i definitely thinks that if this site contains any songs from the fire records artist then i think the owner should be caught…and punish

  3. athar Avatar

    they contacted few of the webstie owners. not all of them. next is and turns according to fire records sources.

  4. athar Avatar

    there are about 250 + Sites in their piracy list. is among those 🙂 lolz

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