Month: May 2010

Veena Malik to tie the knot

The actor and comedian is set to tie the knot with a Pakistani-American. Her family has gone to Lahore to settle matters with the suitor’s family now that he has just returned to Pakistan. Though the details about Malik’s prospective husband are yet to revealed, his father is reportedly a military officer, Major Akbar Khan, from Rawalpindi. The two families met at the wedding of a mutual associate after which they decided about their childrens’ future. However, Malik’s wedding may not be smooth sailing.

Worst dressed celebrity Meera

Celebrities are known for their up-to-the minute styles, good taste, and beautiful dresses. Lots of parties, launches, events, fashion shows are essential part of any celebrity that intends them to work on their vogue. Celebrities are the people who work as an icon that sets trends for the common people. But as a celebrity we didn’t find this quality in our worst dressed celebrity Meera.

Atiqa Odho hosting the Rhythms Of The Indus (London)

Atiqa Odho, the Pakistani film and tv actress, model, host, businesswoman and social activist on behalf of women is hosting the Rhythms Of The Indus (A Fifi Haroom Prod) at the Royal Prince Albert Hall (London), with that desi guy who played the villain in True Lies (Arnold movie). He was born Ather-ul-Haq, a name which he changed to Art Malik. Here, Atiqa calls him “Ather”.

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