Film Actress ‘Nirma’ Proposed ‘Atif Aslam’

Film actress Nirma desired to get married to #Atif-Aslam today in an interview with Geo News. She said that she is deeply in love with #Atif-Aslam’s singing and his personality and wants to get married to only Atif. She also said that #Atif-Aslam sang ‘Mil ke bhi, hum na mile, Tumse na jane kyun’ only for her (ha ha).

Nirma and Atif Aslam
Nirma and Atif Aslam

Yes, that’s exactly what he was thinking while singing that song, in fact he even had his eyes closed so he could imagine seeing Nirma so his voice could fill more feelings into the song.

Methinks that #Atif-Aslam would say, “It is a very good thing that our SENIORS are liking our work and are appreciating us.” and he would also say that he will get married when he finds the right person. As far as I remember Atif talked about his crushes in an interview in which he said, “I have had crushes but nothing serious. Probably long time back, I had crush on bollywood actress Sonali Bendre, she was my favorite“

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