Pakistani Actress Meera’s sister arrested in kidnapping case by Lahore Police

LAHORE: The Organised Crime wing of the police arrested #Meera’s sister on Thursday in connection with the alleged kidnapping of the movie star’s young nephew.

Police take Meera's sister into custody. PHOTO: FILE
Police take Meera's sister into custody. PHOTO: FILE

The Lahore High Court had earlier ordered city police to find four-year-old Murtaza Ahsan and return him to his mother Asma Zahra. According to Zahra’s petition to the LHC, her husband Ahsan Abbas and armed accomplices abducted Murtaza from her parents’ house on June 4. The couple had been living separately with the child staying with his mother.

Officials at the Racecourse police station confirmed that Meera’s sister Guria and another female relative of the actress were being detained there. But they refused to do so on the record, saying that SP Umar Virk, the head of the Organised Crime wing, had told them not to reveal the arrests or let their relatives meet the detainees.

Several of Meera’s relatives, film director Sangeeta and fashion designer Najeeba, popularly known as Bi Ji, were denied permission to see the detainees, according to family members.

SP Umar Virk did not pick up his mobile phone to answer questions about the arrest.

In a court hearing earlier on Thursday, the LHC chief justice once told SP Virk and twice told the CCPO to find Murtaza by August 9, the next date of the hearing. The CCPO told the court that six special teams had been constituted to find the child.

The FIR for the kidnapping case names Meera’s brothers Ahsan and Hassan Abbas, mother Shafqat Zahra and others as accused.

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