Pakistani Actress Resham sends flood relief

LAHORE: Lollywood diva Resham has sent a truck carrying flood relief to the affected areas. Sent through the Express Helpline Trust, this is the second installment of relief goods the actor has sent. Her first truck was sent to Rahim Yar Khan and the second to Kot Addu.

Resham is urging other Lollywood celebrities to donate to flood victims. PHOTO: File
Resham is urging other Lollywood celebrities to donate to flood victims. PHOTO: File

The relief goods included items such as mineral water, packaged milk, pulses and pickles. The packages prepared by Resham and her family members were handed over to anchorperson Mubbashir Luqman this Monday, who forwarded the aid to the disaster site.

Talking about her contributions, Resham said, “I have always participated in social work very actively but I’ve never made it public. This time the floods have devastated every province of the country, displacing millions. I, as a person and as an actor, felt that it was my social responsibility to help these people from my own money instead of requesting aid from others.”

Apart from the two trucks Resham has already sent, the actor is planning to send more aid around Eid. “The first truck was sent to Rahim Yar Khan. The second is being sent to Kot Addu. The third truck will be sent on Eid for which other actors have also donated. Ahsan Khan has given Rs100,000 and Deedar has donated Rs60,000,” said the actor.

Other than taking an individual initiative, Resham is also urging the other artists to support the flood victims till the time they are properly rehabilitated. “The havoc caused by the floods is so large-scale that the primary need of the survivors right now is food and medication. After this, they will also need our help for rehabilitation. This is why we should not sit back after supporting them for once. We have to continue helping the survivors till they are settled because all that they once had is lost including their homes, crops and livestock. They are right now living in a very difficult situation,” said the actor.

When asked why she chose Express Helpline to look after her charity, she said, “I find the team honest. Also, they are dealing with areas where government or other non-governmental organisations have not been able to reach. That’s the reason I chose them and will continue to work with them.”





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