Worst dressed celebrity Meera

#Meera not just need to improve her style of speaking English, she seriously need someone to help her in her outfit selection as well.

Meera (Lollywood Actress)
Meera (Lollywood Actress)

#Celebrities are known for their up-to-the minute styles, good taste, and beautiful dresses. Lots of parties, launches, events, fashion shows are essential part of any celebrity that intends them to work on their vogue. Celebrities are the people who work as an icon that sets trends for the common people. But as a celebrity we didn’t find this quality in our worst dressed celebrity #Meera.

We always try to look like our favorite celebrity but for that your style icon ought to have some guts and extraordinary style that make its fans to adopt her fashion. It’s really very sad for Meera’s fans that they don’t catch a glimpse of any flamboyance in her outfit because of their conventional style that make them worst in style.

To be in media and having scandals is meera’s style that makes her diametrically opposed from other #Lollywood actresses. Almost every week Meera came on media with a new scandal and her old styled scripted dialogues that seems to be practiced a lot. Meera if you just spend half of your energy in improving your fashion style. It will be seriously a change for the better.

In this glamorous world when fashion changes every week we didn’t see any change in Meera’s dresses.
She is still happy with her old fashioned clothes that not only look clumsy as well as they didn’t have any good impact on the people who like to see her. Recently after completing fourteen years in film industry Meera celebrated her ‘sixteenth birthday’ and she was again in her monotonous style of old fashioned dress.

A little bit grooming and a designer’s advice can work a lot for your good looks. It’s a serious advice to #Meera that try to look stylish but don’t adopt things that didn’t suits you. To look good is also an art that didn’t come in you instantly, you have to work on it and you need a good aesthetic sense as well.






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