Zara Sheikh as Fashion Model

One of the Pakistani beauties, Zara Sheikh is tremendously proving herself as a versatile lady. She is continuously showing her guts in different artistic fields at a time.

Zara Sheikh as Fashion Model
Zara Sheikh as Fashion Model

Starting her successful carrier as an actress, Zara Sheikh later entered into the Pakistani Fashion industry as well. It is also considered that she initiated as singer because she is fond of singing, but that didn’t work; so she moved towards acting platform. After making her prominent place in the acting field she also tried the fashion modeling. In the style and Fashion world, she proved herself as a fashion model too. Her sleek & tell figure with the attractive looks and sharp face cuts, make her a perfect super model. Zara Sheikh makes the magazine cover catchier in fashion shoots.

Zara Sheikh has given another Fashion shoot to the weekly Fashion magazine and maintained her position in the Pakistani Fashion industry.





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