Exclusive: On the Set of ‘Na Samajhna’ with Kamran Ahmed [desihits article]

Kamran Ahmed may be most known for his Bollywood vocal debut, but now this rocker is set to take the pop scene by storm as he gears up to release the single Na Samajhna.

This sexy playback singer lent his voice to actor Emran Hashmi for the film Janaat. The hit song “Lambi Judai” immediately shot Kamran to the top of the charts as his sultry voice made girls swoon! 2009 proved to be a big year for Kamran as he earned the MTV award for Best Breakthrough Artist in India. Last year we heard Kamran’s vocals on DJ Loko’s production “Aisa Diya” which has become a DesiHits! favorite. Now focusing on his solo single Na Samajhna, we cannot wait to hear Karman sing again!

Kamran Ahmed (night scene from 5th day shoot  of Na Samajhna)
Kamran Ahmed (night scene from 5th day shoot of Na Samajhna)

Well it was Amir’ Chaudhary’s idea to do such music video so he developed the concept, initial story & arranged the warbrobe. Na Samajhna is an aggressive love song about being strong and moving on,” Kamran told DesiHits! “To bring it to life, the video stages moments of love and innocence, betrayal and aggression. It focuses on a guy who falls in love for the first time only to be betrayed and left alone. It’s about how he gets back on his feet and outruns life once again. The time-warp video exhibits the timely wardrobe.” Sounds intense!

Music video initial concept , creative direction & warbrobe is done by Amir Chaudhary.

With such an elaborate story to be picturinzed in the span of minutes, we were sure Kamran had a story for us. He told us, “Though every moment was so special, the most memorable has to be the funniest one. It was the aggression stage, the guy wildly throwing away stuff, trashing and smashing his room. Comes the part where I smash the TV set with an iron rod. Danish (the proclaimed bodybuilder of the team) got the rod from his backyard and as he entered the room wiping the mud off, a lizard puts its head out of the opening of the rod and Danish drops the thing almost hitting his head on the ceiling.”

Kamran & Amir Chaudhary during 2nd shoot
Kamran & Amir Chaudhary during 2nd shoot

“We cracked up endlessly, and I thought the day was over. Anyways, that’s more like ‘his’ memorable moment. Mine was when I finally stopped laughing and got my guts together to swing the rod. Mudassir, cinematographer, was kneeling right in front of me to capture the lower angle. That’s when I swing and it almost missed his head. Mudassir turned white and struggled out the room. Haha…I felt like a serial killer. I am pretty sure the rod touched his hair. That was also the final capture of the shoot. It’s true, handling the camera is a dangerous job,” Kamran added.

With such excitement and passion on the set, we hope Kamran’s video for Na Samajhna relays the right message and emotions. Do you think Kamran will have an inspiring video for us? Let us know.

[Source – DesiHits.Com]

Well it was Amir’ Chaudhary’s idea to do such music video so he developed the concept,  initial story & arranged the warbrobe.
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