Kamran Ahmed collaborates with Indian Cricketer Sreesanth (rediff.com reported)

OK guys we’ve a big news to share with all the fans of Kamran Ahmed that the artist has collaborating with India’s Top Cricketer Sreesanth and his music team “S36 The Band”. Thanks to our Indian record label uTunes Entertainment for creating such a huge synergy !!!!

“Kamran personally believes that music and sports are the 2 best chances for peace and brother hood as he says; Rock and game always brings us together”

Kamran Ahmed (left) Sreesnath (right)

We are pasting that particular news part from the article below:
“The band also features Kamran Ahmed, who sang the hit number Lambi Judaai in the Emran Hashmi-starrer Jannat, and other talented singers like Harib, Deepak Das, Niran and Narayan Unni.”

For complete article please follow the below link (full article):

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