Atif Aslam Died By Throat Cancer, Atif Aslam is alive not dead

New rumor about the great singer who belongs to Pakistan pop singer Atif Aslam Died today become a high place on the search engines and this news and topic becomes in the top searches of Google Trends. Its just a rumor and Atif Aslam has not died.

People often find it to know what happened to their favorite singer Atif Aslam. There’s a noise going on that Atif Aslam was throat cancer, and he will die soon. Another rumor says that Atif Aslam was found dead in a hotel room. If we go to the roots of this rumor, in 2006, the user in the forum “” began to speak Stream NEWS: Atif Aslam was found dead in his hotel room !!!”. And there are no official reports of “cancer of the throat” by Atif Aslam in.

In March 2010, the website published a news saying “the well-known Pakistani Atif Aslam experience in carrying out this act broke his back in a concert yesterday in Karachi audience. He was immediately sent to the hospital, Imran Khan in Lahore, but officials later learned that the hospital only treats patients cancer, at midnight, he arrived in Karachi and Aga Khan Hospital. By Atif Aslam docters suffered loss of backbone for the trick he was trying to do.


(Response) Official statement by the management, on behalf of ATIF ASLAM.
Asalam o Alaikum,

Dear fans we are all aware of the fact these days a rumour is being spread by certain media that ATIF ASLAM is suffering from throat cancer or he broke his back & he has very less time of life left. Being a muslim it’s our belief that no one knows when one is going to die but as of now there is no truth in this rumor. Atif Aslam is perfectly fine Alhamdulillah & keenly doing his projects. This false news ie being spread by the people who are jealous of the peaks of popularity & demand that the rock star is touching. The aim is to hamper the on-going projects & to make people hesitant of doing any further projects with him. But just like past once again such people will just face a failure of their dirty intents. May Allah give them hidayat & keep ATIF ASLAM living, singing & healthy forever & ever.






24 responses to “Atif Aslam Died By Throat Cancer, Atif Aslam is alive not dead”

  1. Shubham angra Avatar

    Is atif rlly dead or not? :/ 🙁 i think nd pray he is nt dead…

  2. Majid jabri Avatar




    rehmatullahi wa barjataho to all atif fans this is the news spread by his jelaseaurs that k he was found dead in a hotel nd he is dead by throwt cancer etc. But 4 his fans he is always alive isint it dear fans of atif. well by da way happy ramzan nd eid mubarak to all his fans nd 2 u also atif.

  3. Mnish kumar Avatar

    Bs bs aatif jinda h garda ho gaya..

  4. Manoj mahato Avatar

    Jan kar bahut hi kushi huye ki aslam sahab jiwit hai …unke bare me jo apwaha suna tha soon kar bahut dhuk huaa tha par i happy ki phir naya naya aur man ko vana wale gane sune ko milege .bas bas ….

  5. Maji jabri Avatar

    Salam walikum

    ………….atif is not dead its good news for us may allah give hidayat inshallah nd ramzan mubarak to atif nd all fans of him majid

  6. saurav Avatar

    i;ve shocked and i fell happy when i heard that atif aslam is noy dead but he is alive .

    i luv u atif ……………. may god give u a long life and ur voice is hear in my ear every last of my life .

  7. namita thakur Avatar

    Iluv u atif may god bless u

  8. kritika agrawal Avatar


  9. kritika agrawal Avatar

    it was shocking but i am very thanful of God that u r alive

    u'r my heartbeat

    i am the bigghest fan of urs

  10. kritika agrawal Avatar

    u concentrate on ur singing please

    don't believe in these fake rumors

  11. kritika agrawal Avatar

    suno atif we don't believe on these fake rumors . everyone who loves u know that u r the best and 1 day every child even would have a big poster of yours in their room

    vaise abhi bhi hai par zyada badha nahi hai


                               we  all luv u so much

  12. kritika agrawal Avatar

    i am very happy tht atif is alive




  13. kritika agrawal Avatar

    agar atif ko kuch bhi hota toh mein suicide kar leti

  14. ANUSHA Avatar

    thank you GOD..he is alive i love him..

  15. ANUSHA Avatar

    this rumure was really shoced me it,s vry nice ,it is wrong..

  16. ANUSHA Avatar

    this rumure was really shoced me it,s vry nice ,it is wrong..


  17. ANUSHA Avatar


  18. Shahbaz Avatar

    We Dont Care About These fakes or Rumour , Just we Want Our Aatif Back and we believe that Aatif `ill Remain Greatest Singer of Pk and we hope he `ill back sooon, So Open ur Eyes And Dont Believe on These False Rumours untill u dont See With ur Own 2 Eyes,.

    Fan of Aatif Aslam .>.

  19. Ananya saha Avatar
    Ananya saha

    i m ananya.

  20. priyadarshan Avatar

    OMG its good that he is a live.

  21. Hamis Ajaz Avatar
    Hamis Ajaz

    atif aslam is not died , he’s backbone was broken in karachi and he went to agha khan cancer hospital for x-ray bcz agha khan’s x ray reports are best in pakistan.

    I am requesting to all people that please dont believe on this news , tihs is just a FAKE news and please dont post a hoax/fake in any other blog

    1. Sanwal Avatar


      can you please open your eyes and read again what we have wrote above? its an confirmation that he is not dead. what u was thinking when u was replying here?

  22. DarQue Avatar


    its a matter of hype…

    message 4 atif:

    "we know ur popular…. but plzzzzz get ova urself" 😛 😛



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