Haifa Wehbe & DJ David Vendetta in a clip soon

“I’m living a new love story these days!” Lebanese singer #Najwa-Karam

Haifa Wehbe

There is no doubt that #Haifa-Wehbe is an international star and her collaboration with David Vendetta is proof of that.
The star was recently invited to France to attend the DJ’s album launch which features an Arabic song by Wehbe called Yama Layaly. The song was composed by Mohammad Sawy, written by Ameer Te’eima and arranged by Mika.Yama Layaly has been a hit in France after being played on radio.The song will also be featured in Buddha Bar’s new album. Vendetta and Wehbe are now getting set to film a clip of the song. Meanwhile, the singer is taking part in the second promotional campaign of Melody Drama TV, which features stars such as Hani Ramzi, Nicole Saba, Tamer Hagras and Amy Al Masri. Haifa is also adding another feather to her cap by working on the upcoming riddles to be shown this Ramadan.

After a long debate about who would be suitable for this role, the production team, decided that Haifa was the perfect candidate because she’s one of the few actresses who can sing and dance at the same time.

Sulaf can’t sit still
Syrian actress Sulaf Fawakherji sustained a foot injury while shooting a scene for her latest TV drama series, Cleopatra. Fawakherji’s doctor asked her to rest for at least ten days, but the star returned to the set shortly after. She insisted that she would only be able to rest after the series.

Cyrine moves on
Despite having a good relationship with Rotana, Lebanese artist Cyrine Abdul Nour has decided to leave the company and to join another famous production company, Mazika Alam Al Fann. The singer says that the atmosphere at Rotana is no longer helping her fulfil her goals.

Cyrine is currently getting ready to record her new solo single. She will also be filming a new clip for the song, which she will be singing in the Egyptian dialect.


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