Turkish pop star “Tarkan” busted in Drug dealing

tarkanTurkish police detained Tarkan, the country’s best-known pop star, in a narcotics raid on Friday in Istanbul along with nine other people.

Tarkan and others were detained for their alleged links with two drug dealers being monitored by narcotics agents, the state-run Anatolia news agency said. Police reportedly found and seized a small amount of hashish at the pop star’s country home in the Omerli district near Istanbul, the agency said.

It was not clear if Tarkan was detained at his home or elsewhere.

Tarkan has been a chart-topping pop star for more than a decade in Turkey and Europe, selling millions of records in Turkey. His catchy Arabic-influenced tune Simarik (Spoiled), reached the top of music charts in France in 1998.





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  1. Resident Turk Avatar
    Resident Turk

    According to the newspaper he admitted using coke. The most unnecessary thing ever those drugs.

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