Month: June 2011

Juggan Kazim Makes No Impact in Khamosh Raho

At the premiere of her first Pakistani movie “Khamossh Raho”, Juggan Kazim did not receive the response she was thought of. Many of her invited friends were also not there to support her. Norway based producer Ghafoor Butt endeavors to revive Pakistani cinema taking this Canadian-Pakistani actress on screen failed to make any impact on viewers even many of them were not aware who the Juggan Kazim was.

Coke Studio Season4 – Episode3 [Download]

Coke Studio journeys through time with episode three, presenting genres and artists that cover a cross section of music that is representative of generations of listeners. Through a set of performances it outlines a history – presenting samples of music that capture the essence of an era – from the diversity of music that defines the present to flavours from the recent history of contemporary music and on to the sounds that are a part of our heritage.

Promotional campaign of Khamosh Raho: Detail review

best. Leaving the talks about movie’s promotional budget far behind, not at least a proper trailer of Khamosh Raho came out on internet which now has become one of the most vibrant means of film promotion, and the only thing that people got to see to make-up their mind to go and watch the movie were some song videos and that too not in good quality.

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