Month: September 2011

Interview: Did Salman get in touch with you for Junoon 20?

He sent me emails, but I didn’t reply. There are some issues between me and him. I don’t want to associate my name with Junoon anymore because he has used false marketing. Fans are calling me saying why weren’t you there? People call me and say ‘you’re in breach of contract; you didn’t appear for the show.’ For him it’s a cash cow—he can do whatever the hell he wants but it doesn’t make it right. His reaching out, it seems like a commercial need. I’d rather do something for the music. They’re flogging a dead horse. If you bring a band back it has to be for great music and that’s it.

Live, breathe, sleep Junoon

LAHORE – The trio was the heaviest thing that the Pakistani youth had ever come across. The hard, electric guitar riffs had sunk their talons in the minds of confused, angsty youth. Ali Azmat’s voice – oozing with power and machismo, but tinged with a haunting and yearning at the same time – crooned away songs of heartbreak, and belted out anthems of revolt against authority; Brian O Connell (a unique phenomenon of being a foreigner in a Pakistani band), a plucked placidly at his bass strings, cool as a cucumber, but producing some of the most solid bass-lines, while Salman Ahmed, who had once upon a time played for the Vital Signs, fiercely churned his guitars, almost to ear deafening level. It was an impeccable combination of gritty Pakistani rock – actual rock.

Rahat Fateh Ali khan – Mere Chara Gar OST Geo Tv (Video & Lyrics)

Mere Chara Gar by Rukhsana Nigar Adnan is a terrific social reformal novel with a high moral lesson. Its a story of very common issues in family system of Pakistan. Its a story of some youngsters who fall prey to the false pride of their elders. The novel beautifully and expertly covers many other social and family problems we face in our day to day life, leading character of this novel is also one of the many victims of this and her simple life became miserable by one bad harsh decision of her family elders.

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