Four Superstars Unite For Next Lux Beauty Campaign

Four superstars, Reema, Meera, Humaima Malik and Mahira Khan have been united for next Lux beauty campaign. They were together in Karachi for upcoming Lux beauty advertisement.

Two superstars, Meera and Reema along with two emerging stars Humaima Malik and Mahira Khan have been signed for upcoming Lux beauty campaign. Stylist Nabeela has infused exceptional style in all four of them providing a unique look in each one of them.

At the filming event of Lux beauty advertisement Reema Khan explained, “I have been associated to brand Lux when I was just fourteen and now it is great privilege to be part of it again.”

Meera narrated, “I have been Lux beauty for so many years. It makes me more beautiful and strengthens my mind as well.”

Whereas the emerging talent Humaima Malik said, “I am feeling quite honorable to work with seasoned actresses such as Meera and Reema and will learn from them.

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