‘I have to speak to my father to settle the issue’: Veena Malik

MUMBAI – Reacting to her father’s angst on doing a nude photo shoot for a magazine, Veena Malik says she is planning to go home by the end of the this month. And the prime reason for her visit would be to help her father understand that she never participated in a nude photo shoot.

While a few reports say this is Veena’s attempt to gain publicity, the actor doesn’t agree with that. “I haven’t been able to speak to my father yet. But I’m planning to visit home soon. It has been a year since I went home. Thankfully, my ammi (mother)and sisters understand that I haven’t done anything wrong, so does my brother.

I have to speak to my father and settle the issue,” she says. What also bothers the actor is not what people are saying about her, but the way people consider it is always the girl who is held culpable. “I’m obviously annoyed with the way my family has been projected.
I don’t understand why people always blame a girl for what goes wrong. If you read the articles that have been written against me, the prejudice is so apparent. I hope everything gets sorted soon.”






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