Meera I’m not your boyfriend: Mahesh Bhatt

This could have been a scene from a film, had we not been holding a telephone, listening to every word being exchanged. After alleging that producer-director Mahesh Bhatt ruined her Bollywood career, Pakistani actress Meera landed at Mukesh Bhatt’s office in Mumbai on Tuesday afternoon to congratulate him, and even indirectly asked for work from the brothers.

However, Mahesh, who already knew of Meera‘s allegations, confronted her, but the actress immediately denied everything saying that she was “joking with Bhattsaab”.

She told us, “Maine kissi se baat nahi ki hai. Yahan toh sirf mazaak ho raha hai. Mazaak kar rahi thi mein Bhattsaab ke saath. Everything is ok “ koi masla nahi hai. Maine bahot sikha hai Bhattsaab se… mere teacher hain, mere guru hain. Main bahut izzat karti hoon unki.” She also told us that she can instantly summon the Pakistan media to issue a clarification, and added, “Main Pakistan ke saare newspapers ko do minute mein laa sakti hoon… Maine hamesha yeh kaha hai ki main inki izzat karti hoon. Meri zindagi mein inka role bahut important raha hai. Inhi ki wajah se main India aayi aur mujhe kaam karne ka mauka mila.”

Source: Times of India

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