Reema Wedding Video With Short Interview

Geo News on 19th November give us exclusive coverage of Reema’s wedding. On the occasion Reema and her husband give a short interview to the Geo News reporter.

Starting with a very enjoyable question, reporter asks about the gifts they share with each other and Reema’s husband with a smile replied “No Comments”. Further more Reema says they will have a Walima function in Pakistan when they reach there. About settling abroad she said, Pakistan is my country and will obviously live in there for life.

On answering about the film industry she said, she has leave the film industry since last eight years, only worked in her own film which is directed by her, and now after her marriage if her husband allows she will work. Promoting my country with the experience i have, my husband will support me, and i will continue my work as an anchor on TV channels, she adds.

Here is the exclusive video of the her talk with the Geo News Reporter. If any one of you misses then here its is. Enjoy and kindly give your feedback to us in the comments.





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  1. Natasha86 Avatar

    I simply loved Delhi6, specially the ‘burger chaap’ scene….Abhi’s expression when termed as burger chaap is PRICELESS.

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