Veena Malik labeled as Rakhi Sawant

Many of us have called Veena Malik the Rakhi Sawant of Pakistan because of her desperate publicity stunts but now she has been officially labeled as Rakhi Sawant of Pakistan by the chairperson of the joint settlement dispute committee of the Cine and TV Artists Association CINTAA and actor, Raza Murad.

Veena Malik, who is enjoying the luxury of seven star apartment in suburban Mumbai these days, plans to live in India for 1 and half month for the shooting of her debut film, but it seems Raza Murad is not so happy for her stay and comments openly about her presence in India.

“I’m sorry to say Veena Malik is the Pakistani counterpart of Rakhi Sawant. She keeps flying between the two countries as though she’s commuting between Bandra and Malad. But for us Indians it’s easier to go to the moon than visit Pakistan.” Raza said.

“Sometimes she’s here for shows. But I’ve also seen her flying down to Mumbai to feed cake to Ashmit Patel on his birthday,” added the actor.

Meanwhile, Veena, who keeps spicing up our food with a pinch of her little salt and pepper, revealed she eats healthy home-cooked food, which Ashmit sends her every day. “Ashmit has a very good cook and he knows my food habits. He eats healthy food just like I do,” the actor maintained.






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