Ali Azmat getting married to Fariha Khan (Chapra)

Ali Azmat ex-lead vocalist of Junoon, is finally getting married today with Fariha Chapra (Fariha Khan) who has worked on AAG TV as a Producer and now works for Dunya TV.

Fariha Chapra also belongs to the music and media industry and has worked in AAG TV.

Fariha Chapra Ali Azmat’s Wife

The wedding ceremony of Ali Azmat with Fariha Chapra is being held today on 10th September 2011, where as the Valima ceremony will be held tommorow on 11th Septembet 2011.

Update 1: We have just been told that her name is Fariha Khan. She borrowed Chapra from her ex husband Shariq Chapra whom she got divorced with long time before she started dating Ali.





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    S Faisal Ahmed

    that’s really awesome news 🙂

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