Ali Haider on the paths of Mysticism

The former pop star turned naat khuwan, Ali Haider is plunging depths of Sufi path of Mysticism in his new album ‘Ki Janan Main Kaun’.

Pakistani former musician: Ali Haider

The fifty-minute long album, which will release in last week of June, will feature eight kalams of great Sufi poets such as Bulleh Shah, Saltan Bahao, Josh Malihabadi and Lal Shahbaz Qalandar sung with Indian percussion instruments, making the songs very melodious and heartfelt.

While talking about the album, Ali said, “I decided to release an inspirational album; one that helps our country, especially the youth, come out of the despair that we’re in currently. The new album is a message of peace.”

For the making of album, Haider worked in Karachi, Lahore and in India, Calcutta with different musicians including Sherry, Tanveer Jaffery and Vicky, offering backup vocals, while Issac has worked as the music producer. The album will be released in Pakistan through the record company, Labels.






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