Ali Zafar – Jee Dhoondta Hai (Behind The Scene Pictures)

The video features Aisha Linnea Akhtar of Slackistan fame. She is playing a character of a school girl who ends up in the brothel. The stills are from Ali Zafar‘s upcoming video “Jee Dhoondta Hai” which is penned by Mirza Ghalib.

Click on the picture to view more images
Click on the picture to view more images

In an interview with Dawn, Ali Zafar revealed the concept behind the song and the video. “The song is about matters of the heart and the searching and longing for carefree nights and days,” says Ali. The concept of the video is interesting. “We all are born pure and it is the choices we make in life — willingly or unwillingly — that determine our destiny. However, love has the power to conquer all and can change lives forever,” he added. “The concept of the video revolves around me as a man who works as a scout for a brothel. The hunt for new faces leads him to a girl (Aisha Linnea), whom he is strangely attracted to. The video takes you on the journey of how an ignorant man discovers love and then faces the disgusting truth of life, realisation, his fight with guilt, and finally the point where he decides to tread the right path because of an innocent girl. The video showcases all this in a very engaging manner.”

Video Director: Abdullah Haris
Photography by Saira Shoaib & Aisha Linnea





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