Goher Mumtaz responded finally on Jal’s breakup

Farhan Saeed is NO MORE with JAL the band. But this hasn’t broken JAL, as the founder of the band Goher Mumtaz still wants to keep the band alive and moving ahead.

Ok, Alot of questions were being asked about JAL. here i go. firstly , want to wish Farhan a very best of luck for his solo career . as far as jal is concern, it will always be my first priority, no matter what else i do. Whatever i am is just because of this band and i owe so much to JAL unconditionally and will continue it for JAL .so Brace yourself! wld update soon on new release by JAL. “Goher Mumtaz,”

We ate J4JUMPY.NET wish Jal & Goher all the best for his feature.

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