Khawar Jawad – Heal The World (Tribute To Michael Jackson) – Music Video

Artist: Khawar Jawad
Song: Heal The World
Special Thanks To: DJ Michelle
Directed By: Saqib Siddiqui
Concept: Lubna Khawar

Heal The World – A tribute by Khawar Jawad to the legendary Michael Jackson and to the people of the world in today’s intolerant times. Pakistan’s electronic media is flooded with perturbed content. The countrymen are glued to the news sensationalism – some traumatized with terror – others spilling out pessimism, frustrations from system, inflation, austerities & insecurities. In such times; revival of ‘Heal the world’ is meant to integrate people within the country and in the comity of nations. This fusion is also meant to amplify the positive voices of people of Pakistan who’ll be singing along these messages of global peace & harmony.





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  1. Roberta Avatar

    This was a beautiful tribute to a beautiful man, very nice, I enjoyed it very much.  Thank you.

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