Naimat S. Ahmed – Balo Batiyan [Download Audio]

Naimat’s intimate style of music that has a touch of new age and ambient, complimented by the soothing vocals of Jamil B revives the Seraiki & Punjabi poetry of this song and makes this track both unique and fresh.

Based on a folk track by Attaullah Khan Essakhailvi, Balo Batiyan takes the listener to a world of absolute calmness & serenity, yet keeping intact the Folk Spirit of the song and the touch of nostalgia.

Song: Balo Batiyan [Download Audio]
Vocals: Naimat S. Ahmed & Jamil B.
Composed & Produced by: Naimat S. Ahmed
Percussions: Idrees

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Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Naimat S. Ahmed at JBM Studio Dubai.





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