Pray For All – A Messaeg by Kamran Ahmed a.k.a 82Rocker

Kamran Ahmed is a well known singer, music producer & writer from Pakistan & also know as 82Rocker in the music industry.

If we always find ourselves posting happy messages, it very much means we are cut off from the agony around us, it means that we are blessed. But not everyone is. A young student Sarfaraz got brutally shot dead by a bunch of ranger officials in Karachi city. I prayed for him and suddenly it hit me that something like this happens every second around the world. In every corner there are endless souls in pain regardless of  religion, race and color.

It all comes down to one thing… HUMANITY. This is what every religion, every community preaches. A few black sheep are enough to shatter the reputation and image of the entire.

So let us open our eyes and senses to embrace a better understanding which is not fogged by hatred and aggression.

When you pray today …pray for Humanity, not only for YOUR nation but for the entire world.

Peace & Love,
Kamran Ahmed a.k.a 82Rocker

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