Mathira – The Pakistani Paris Hilton

Mathira Mohammad, the raunchy babe, provocative and truly a sex kitten, famous for her live ‘Love Indicator’ on Vibes has been labeled as the Paris Hilton of Pakistan by Los Angeles Times.

Love her or hate her, but I bet you can’t stop yourself watching her electrifying or rather disgusting live show or googling her sexy pictures! And afterwards calling her a slut or sex symbol, which no doubt she is!

Above all, the lure, the seductively inviting gestures, theplunging necklines and to top it all, her drunken accent will make any average man drool for her intimacy. However, I don’t understand, why the hell she keeps calling men frustrated, who compliments her with third class dirty language, when above all, she is the who seems the most frustrated! (I am sorry; I don’t want to use the word)

Accepted! If she wants to talk openly about taboo issues like sexualityloverape, AIDScondoms etc, in Pakistan, where people are mostly conservative and ignorant of such important issues, but when it comes to Mathira, there is a huge difference between educating people and seducing people and this girl undoubtedly falls into the second category.

She may be admired by some people for pushing the limits but I feel limits can also be pushed by being in limit morally, aesthetically and socially. In a conservative  society like Pakistan, one needs to educate people in a step by step process, but if you are projecting yourself as a slut, and trying to push limits limitlessly, people will love to ‘cross limits’!






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