Rabbi Shergill out of Coke Studio Season4

Due to a visa delay, Shergill could not make it to the studio at the time of recording.

KARACHI: Among all the Indian artists to be featured in Coke Studio’s Season 4 this year, Rabbi Shergill topped the high-profile list with his popular rendition of “Bullah Ki Jaana” in 2005. However, an official statement revealed that his visa had been endlessly delayed, and he barely made it to the studio to record, thus not being able to feature in this season.

“We invited the talented Rabbi Shergill to the Coke Studio platform but his visa got delayed,” said Rohail Hayatt, the producer of Coke Studio.

“Although he managed to make it at the very last minute, we were not able to do justice to his music and the platform, given the timelines. It’s just not the way we would like to welcome any outside talent to CS. So, I’ve decided to not use the music.”

With this statement, it seems that no other Indian artist will be featuring in the current season of Coke Studio. However, senior artists from the sub continent, like Shankar Mahadevan and Shafqat Amanat Ali will feature in Coke Studio India which kicks off next month.

Even if we don’t have any Indian artists this time, the likes of Attaullah Eesakhelvi and Sajjad Ali are there to treat the audiences in the second episode of Coke Studio Pakistan that airs on June 5.





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