Syed Rizwanullah and Fayezah Ansari: Their journey to marriage!

Rizwanullah and Fayezah have been tied to a romantic relationship, which started from college days and has come a long way till their marriage six months ago, which sent the entire fashion industry into a frenzy‘

Marriage is not a game for children’ feels the due; rather it comes with loads of responsibilities, compromise and acceptance of your spouse, with all their faults and views.

In a little meeting at Butler’s Chocolate Café, Rizwanullah and Fayezah shared their beautiful memories about their full-of-fun hangouts and a little romance coming in their way after graduation.

While talking about ‘being in love’ Rizwanullah said, “There are toads in your stomach, your heart races fast, there is shyness and it’s hot and cold. That’s how I would define love.

“However, all is not like they show in the movies, Marriage has its own challenges and the most important thing is the level of responsibility that hits you. You are in a position where you are held responsible for her actions and she for yours.” the designer adds.

We wish Fayezah and Rizwanullah all the happiness for their married life!





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