J4jumpy.net is an online magazine, dedicated to serve the Pakistani Music industry by making complete and full use of the Internet media. The concept and mission behind this company is very simple, is to use internet as marketing and advertising tool for new upcoming musician who are unable to find there place in music industry because of finance. In August 2003, Jumpy started its operation from Pakistan with this message as a mission statement;


This mission statement describes;

”You got talent? We can make you JUMP. Reach J4Jumpy.Net. The Best Place to Approach the Real Music World.”

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Music is a boundary less entity. It is open to interpretation, open to being understood and expressed in many ways which are seen fit by the people who create it and then by the people who give ears to it. Promotion of music has been a part of this world ever since the time music came into being. With the coming of modern time’s music promotion took new heights with various different aspects of promotion taking birth such as the print media, the Tele-Radio-media and the internet.

The new “age” is the time which is under the infamous rule of the World Wide Web. Anything to everything can

easily be accessed online with one click of the mouse. With most of the youth hooked onto the use of the internet

music promotion, which normally targets the youth of any generation took an extreme twist and turn and resulted in

millions and millions of websites being created day in and day out which offered Music, Promotion, Band interviews, Cads, wallpapers etc.

The revolution of the “click of the mouse “age swet across the globe and highly influenced people in Pakistan, where music is considered a very sacred and highly respected entity. The Pakistani underground was at a struggling stage, bands wanted exposure, yet they did not want commercialism. Thus resulting in many websites to take birth which supported, promoted and exposed the hidden talent sprouting in Pakistan. One such website took birth on the land of Sialkot, in the year 2002.With an initial name of SIALKOT UNDERGROUND; it began its work in the promotion of the young, youthful talent of Pakistan. Later it was given the name of J4JUMPY, where the name took its inspiration from the struggle of an artist, the jumps from on place to another in order to attain success. Thus giving Pakistan one of the most accessed, most powerful online webzine, which took the promotion of the Pakistani Underground music to another level.

J4jumpy.net is an internet based webzine, which is dedicated entirely to the promotion of Pakistani music, in Pakistan and abroad. Ever since its creation, 5 years ago, as a web-music-zine it has successfully provided platform to upcoming talent; solo artists as well as bands.

The website caters interviews, mp3 launches, wallpapers, Articles, Promotion services, Polls, Interviews (video as well as Audio), Concert Coverage and Photography, splashes and skins. With one of the best forums online, having a vast number of members, who get together online and talk about music. The website caters to more then 30000 users (including daily visitors) and has a phenomenal record of 15000 + downloads everyday; and of more then 10 lakh downloads in the past 1 to 2 years.

J4jumpy is a website that is entirely based on organization and management. It has a proper staff from the executive level to the designing and graphic arts level. The forum is operated by a forum administration and a literary level which handles the interviews and the articles on the website. We can thus proudly say that j4jumpy.net is not just an online website but it is a complete package which promotes Pakistani music to the maximum.

The website owes its existence to Mr. Amir Chaudhary, who was born and bread in Sialkot. A fan of music, especially of Pakistani music, he always wanted to do something in this field to make a difference. With his belief in the Pakistani Music and the Pakistani underground Music, he went forward with the idea of a website, which was the first music website from the city of Sialkot. With his immense hard work, concentration, commendable peoples skills and his belief of making a difference he created a website out of scratch, which grew with time and now stand at a pedestal high in place. Amir Chaudhary, the man behind the website, the J-zine not only gave space to new comers and already established artists on his website but he also made space in the hearts of all the people who got to know him along the way. A great man, a pioneer and a talented individual. Jumpy owes its creation and its success to his dream and his vision.

The website is divided into ten section, namely daily news, reviews, audio/videos, featured artists, interviews, splashes, message boards, downloads, merchandise and the staff page. Each section on the website excels under its title, with a monthly update.

Through out the span of 6 years, J4Jumpy has launched Exclusive Audios and Videos of various different artists.J4jumpy has an Mp3 database consisting of an estimated 3000 Mp3s.The J-zine has to its credit, official and Exclusive launches of various bands and solo artists such as: Andher, Jal, Gaaj, Yorish, Rivaj, Salman Anwer, Roxen ,Alag, Y2k, Soul Vomit, Mizraab, Decibel [an Indian heavy metal band; jumpy introduced it first time], Aas, Positive ,Mishal [a solo Artist from Uk], Jaloos [an upcoming progressive rock band, from islamabad], Fahad Hamid, Gyaan, ACX Crew, Needle Work [A progressive rock band from islamabad], Mafua [First Muslim rapper, orignating from Canada], Aamir Shah a.k.a AasH [Stringsonlinet.net site administrator turned musician], Saturn, Nafs, Amurg and many more.

Recently we introduced an artist from DUBAI called Kamran Ahmed (82’ROCKER) with his debut track called JUDAI. Jumpy did all the promotion for this track across the world and even for Bollywood and finally we this is great got featured on as OST in an upcoming movie called JANNAT under the VISHESH FILMS (PVT) LTD. (a well know film maker Mahesh Bhatt owns this company) JANNAT music is already released in the market and the track called JUDAI by 82ROCKER rated as 2008’s best hit track over the various magazines/radio channels & TV stations. Jumpy is still affiliated officially with the artist (checkout more at artist’s official website https://82rocker.com)

J4jumpy.net has one the most acclaimed and up to date media sections online. The wallpapers are of High quality, from the creation to the technical point of view. With excellent resolution and high quality. The media section also contains Winamp Skins, designed by our very own team, for download and use. All media presented on the website is free of cost and easy to use.

Along with the audio, video and other media on the website, j4jumpy.net has a complete literary section. With a team of highly talented journalists, who write about everything from music to social and everyday life events and subjects. Jumpy to this bold step towards giving people the truth, whether it is in terms of music or everyday life. This section on the website aims at portraying a true to life sketch, an honest picture through the words.

The other two very important sections on the website include the Interview section and the Audio/Visual section. The J-zines interview data base consists of audio and video interviews of famous artist, directors and even upcoming raw talent. Interviews some the very well known faces in the music have been posted for the viewers reading pleasure, online, free of cost. A few talented people who have been interviewed by j4jumpy include Bally Sagoo [pioneer of bhangra music] , Shizzio [uk based rapper] , Faraz Anwar of Mizraab , Assad Ahmed of Karavan , Razam , Positive , Rungg , Zulfiqar Jabbar khan of Entity Paradigm , Abbas Ali Khan , Tariq Khan a.k.a Legacy UK , Basit Subhani , Goher Mumtaz of JAL , CALL the band , Visaal , Babar Shiekh of DUSK , Death The Band And many more.

Similar to the open interpretation of music, promotion see’s no boundaries. Amir Chaudhary has given his vision a form, which he names www.j4jumpy.net.With his vision he has helped many to promote their visions, and the journey has just begun.

Achievements Since 2002 & present (in figures)

Total Bands Introduced
(including JAL, Roxen & 82ROCKER and many more…..


Total Interviews


Total MP3s launched




Total Concert Coverage


Media Affiliation with Artists


Media Affiliation with Companies
(Including Vox-Vision, Limitless-Sounds & Defflounge, 82Rocker, Alag ban


For any further information please contact us at any of below given details

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