Q: I am releasing an a new album, how do I get it featured on Jumpy [Underground Media]?
A: We do our best to review all worthy albums sent our way. Please send any review material to:
Jumpy [Underground Media]
{ask for address at info@j4jumpy.net}

Q: How do I get a job writing for Jumpy [Underground Media]?
A: We always welcome people interested in helping out with the site. If you have something you think ou can offer then email us and tell us why we should hire you.

Q: This is a record label or a music site?
A: Both, actually. Jumpy [Underground Media] Records will launch its own site in the near future, but for now j4jumpy.net acts as home to both the label and the promotion site.

Q: How do I get signed to Jumpy [Underground Media] Records?
A: We are not accepting demos at this time. Sorry.

Q: If there was a monkey and he was a really good writer, would you let him work for Jumpy [Underground Media]?
A: Absofuckinglutely!

Q: I have a band. Can you interview us?
A: One thing we are extremely selective album here is our interviews. We turn down quite a few each month and chances are if we want to interview your band, we will get in touch with you first.

Q: What’s with the Name?
A: It’s a website, right? So hence it is silent, just images and text on a screen. But we are throwing so much damn info at you every day that I think it is fair to say that, if you could hear us, we would be pretty uproarious.

Q: I have some exra money laying around. You want it?
A: Please send all money you can get your hands on to the address provided above.

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