Singer Sami Yusuf donating music profits to Pakistan

British singer-songwriter #Sami-Yusuf, dubbed “Islam’s biggest rock star”, is donating profits from his latest single to help flood victims in Pakistan.

Time magazine dubbed Yusuf Islam's biggest rock star
Time magazine dubbed Yusuf Islam's biggest rock star

Born in Iran, but raised in the UK, the singer is urging fans to recognise the ongoing plight of those affected by the floods.

Profits from Hear Your Call will go to Save the Children, which is working in the four provinces hit by the disaster.

Sami has sold more than seven million albums worldwide.

He said: “This is an enormous disaster and I personally feel we all, as fellow humans, have a responsibility to help the victims in any way we can.

“The floods have completely changed many people’s lives and through our actions, we can offer hope.

“In such times we have to align ourselves with the right organisations to reach out to the affected areas as effectively and urgently as possible.”

The track can be download from iTunes and the artist’s official website.

Source/Courtesy: BBC News