Hadiqa Kiani

Pakistani Film Bol release shifted again, This time July!

For the third time the Bol release date has been changed. It was to be released worldwide on 24th June, 2011 but there was news cooking around that Bol release date has been changed again. We recently sharing this news with all of you, told about the new release date which we told was 17th June, 2011 as told by some people from Bol’s management but they actually told us that it is still not confirmed though.

Hadiqa Kiyani (Pakistani pop singer)

Hadiqa Kiyani in Shoaib Mansoor’s film BOL

Who else could’ve persuaded her to grace the silver screen in Pakistan but the one and only Shoaib Mansoor ? If gossip-weavers are to be believed Hadiqa will be featuring in SM’s forthcoming film, Bol, singing her heart out at a concert. Technically it may not count as acting, but the pop star will be seen in the film nonetheless.