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  • Revolution in Pakistan – Inqilaab by N1 The Band

    Revolution in Pakistan – Inqilaab by N1 The Band

    Revolution is the theme that has been picked up by the new band “N1.” Their first music video “INQILAAB” points out that it’s the youth of this country who have bring about a change. Checkout the song only on www.j4jumpy.net

  • Salman Ahmed (Junoon) Wedding Pictures

    Salman Ahmed (Junoon) Wedding Pictures

    Look what we’have found, we are loving this pictures of our all time rockstar Salman Ahmad and thought to share with all of you and now you keep sharing it with. (Junoon for Life… oh Ya and you will also notice Imran khan (PTI)

  • Abrarul Haq: Tuning in to PTI

    Abrarul Haq: Tuning in to PTI

    Whether you love the party or despise it, there is one positive thing Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has done in a very short while. It has woken up the Pakistani youth from their former days of complete political indifference. And where the youth goes, music and fashion are sure to follow. Nowadays everyone, from musicians and poets to models and fashion designers, wants to join the Imran Khan brigade

  • A Movie on Imran Khan’s Life “Kaptaan”

    LAHORE: A group of young independent filmmakers has undertaken the initiative of producing an independent feature film called Kaptaan, based on Imran Khan’s high-profile life following the end of his cricket career.