Live, breathe, sleep Junoon

LAHORE – The trio was the heaviest thing that the Pakistani youth had ever come across. The hard, electric guitar riffs had sunk their talons in the minds of confused, angsty youth. Ali Azmat’s voice – oozing with power and machismo, but tinged with a haunting and yearning at the same time – crooned away songs of heartbreak, and belted out anthems of revolt against authority; Brian O Connell (a unique phenomenon of being a foreigner in a Pakistani band), a plucked placidly at his bass strings, cool as a cucumber, but producing some of the most solid bass-lines, while Salman Ahmed, who had once upon a time played for the Vital Signs, fiercely churned his guitars, almost to ear deafening level. It was an impeccable combination of gritty Pakistani rock – actual rock.

Goher Mumtaz responded finally on Jal’s breakup

ok.lot of questions were being asked about JAL. here i go. firstly , want to wish Farhan a very best of luck for his solo career . as far as jal is concern, it will always be my first priority, no matter what else i do. Whatever i am is just because of this band and i owe so much to JAL unconditionally and will continue it for JAL .so Brace yourself! wld update soon on new release by JAL.

Jal Band Broken – Farhan Saeed Leaves and Goes Solo

LAHORE/KARACHI: After Farhan Saeed covered Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s “Halka Halka Suroor”, rumours were abuzz that the singer would be calling it quits with his band Jal. On September 3, Saeed finally confirmed the speculations, disclosing his departure from the band. He is now set to pursue his solo career and look after his business, the singer told in an exclusive interview at his cafe.

Coke Studio Season4 – Episode3 [Download]

Coke Studio journeys through time with episode three, presenting genres and artists that cover a cross section of music that is representative of generations of listeners. Through a set of performances it outlines a history – presenting samples of music that capture the essence of an era – from the diversity of music that defines the present to flavours from the recent history of contemporary music and on to the sounds that are a part of our heritage.

Coke Studio Season4 – Episode1 [Download]

Coke Studio embarks on its fourth season with a heightened awareness of the invisible depths of the musical foundations upon which it stands. Expanding on the experiences of the previous three seasons, Coke Studio now continues along the path of self-discovery with a fresh perspective on the scale of diversity – of music, poetry, cultures and languages – that exist in Pakistan. Download complete episode only on J4JUMPY.NET