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  • Mustafa Zahid (Roxen) – Khuda Kay Liye (OST Runway) – Download Audio Mp3 now

    Artist: Mustafa Zahid (Roxen) OST: Bollywood Movie RUNWAY Click here to download mp3 LYRICS: Kab hogi sehar deewar-o-dar behad veeran haain kab manzil meray Qadmon talay aa kay hairaan hai Uljhi saansein chup hain raahein koi raastaa dikhaaa Khuda Kay Liye …. Khuda Kay Liye Khuda Kay Liye …. Khuda Kay Liye Aa bhi to […]

  • Rock All Day by Outlandish [watch video with lyrics now]

    . Video for ROCK ALL DAY by Outlandish. Video directed by Mr. Jakob Printzlau, also known as the leadsinger of The Fashion. The track is taken from the new Outlandish album SOUND OF A REBEL. (scroll down for lyrics) The first nine seconds are the same as the opening instrumental piece of the famous Algerian […]