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  • Resolutions for 2009 one would love to hear (Pakistani Media Industry & Fashion)

    The New Year always comes with an irrepressible urge to make that essential list of resolutions even if it is like writing your own doom, as resolutions never do get fulfilled. This list, which we hope to see some high profile figures writing, is just as Eutopian. Instep daydreams… By Aamna Haider Isani Fashion designers […]

  • Interview with TV Actor Faisal Qureshi

    Admit it girls, we all fancy our celebs. The glitz of their glamorous world attracts us – what they wear, where they shop, what they dream of, their love-interests, their favourite things – we love to get the scoop. Keeping this in mind, from time to time You! is going to share some interesting tete-a-tete […]