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  • Rohail Hyatt: Still vital (Article)

    Wearing a pair of shorts and a button-down shirt, Rohail sips on a bottle of juice as he speaks of a journey that began with the Vital Signs and has culminated in Coke Studio’s success. What’s next?

  • Coke Studio – Season Three – Episode 5 [Realisation] Audio Video Download

    In its fifth episode for 2010, Coke Studio’s annual voyage concludes with the spirit of ‘Realisation’. Coke Studio’s third edition revolved around the intricacies of inspiration, creation and evolution, and the process of discovery as the elements of reason, will and resolve come together to culminate in the Realisation of dreams and goals. The last episode ‘Realisation’ is an acknowledgment of this process. Download complete episode only on WWW.J4JUMPY.NET

  • I salute the Peerzadas for continuing the WPA festival – Rohail Hayat

    Rohail Hyatt speaks out on how Lahore beats Karachi hands down when it comes to cultural events and plans to meet the Nazim to discuss how to make this city happening again. Not one to rest on his laurels, Rohail Hyatt may be busy planning the next installment of Coke Studio but his mind is also churning in other directions. While the World Performing Arts Festival was rocking Lahore, he said that Lahore has clearly got the lead on Karachi when it comes to cultural activities.