Live, breathe, sleep Junoon

LAHORE – The trio was the heaviest thing that the Pakistani youth had ever come across. The hard, electric guitar riffs had sunk their talons in the minds of confused, angsty youth. Ali Azmat’s [...]
US-based Junoonis Salman Ahmad and Brian O’Connell discuss their journey as iconic contemporary Sufi musician

Junoon Anniversary: Twenty years gone by

KARACHI: Junoon’s journey, embarked by the launch of their first self-titled album Junoon in 1991, can be compared to a whirling dervish. Their first-ever PTV appearance was with their song “Neend [...]
Ali Zafar, the singer-turned-actor, is hopeful to impart his talent for music to the under-privileged children. PHOTO: FILE

Article: Ali Zafar From ‘Channo’ to charity

KARACHI: Our music industry’s blue-eyed boy has done it again! It is nothing related to Jhoom, his latest album, nor its songs and videos. It’s all about Ali Zafar being in the headlines and creating [...]

Article: Song for the soul (If I Could Change): Salman Ahmad

KARACHI: Junoon’s founder and lead guitarist Salman Ahmad’s collaborative song with Jamaican artist Ziggy Marley and Somali sister-duo Sweet Rush was premiered at the World Humanitarian Day on August [...]

Pakistan’s emerging rap scene [Article]

LAHORE: Rap has been called explicit, derogatory and sometimes uncouth, but its popularity worldwide is well documented. In Pakistan, with the rise of rappers such as Adil Omar, the country’s once [...]

Coke Studio: A trip through ‘Daanah Pah Daanah’

KARACHI: It’s an anthem for some, a symbolic representation of culture for others and an appealing melody for many more. The Brahvi folk song is considered to be one of the finest and most celebrated [...]

Annie Khalid – ‘I’m the Britney Spears of Pakistan’

Annie Khalid, The First Pakistani Celebrity In Look UK. This month has proved to be quite lucky for our pop star Annie Khalid. Soon after the launch of her own restaurant, the AK Lounge, Annie got featured [...]

Rohail Hyatt: Still vital (Article)

It took a week to get an hour and a half of talk time with the man himself … Coke-Studio’s Rohail Hyatt. When I finally managed to set up a meeting I was told that, as a matter of policy, I couldn’t [...]

India takes a slice of the ‘Coke Studio’ pie

KARACHI: The Indian rendition of “Coke Studio”, known as “Coke Studio at MTV”, is set to be aired within a week. With the lineup of some remarkable Bollywood singers and unknown folk acts, the [...]

Bol’s Music Failed to Attract Masses

Everyone remembers Shoaib Mansoor’s rocking music for movie Khuda Ke Liye but this time the music he released for upcoming movie Bol has unfortunately failed to attract masses.

Ali Azmat set to unveil video for new single “Bum Phata”

LAHORE: Ali Azmat is set to unveil the music video for his new single, “Bum Phatta”, some time next week. Hearing Ali Azmat’s name, several thoughts usually come to mind. He has been called brash, [...]

Pray For All – A Messaeg by Kamran Ahmed a.k.a 82Rocker

If we always find ourselves posting happy messages, it very much means we are cut off from the agony around us, it means that we are blessed. But not everyone is. A young student Sarfaraz got brutally [...]

Faiza Mujahid: Don’t call me doll

LAHORE: There was a time when a female musician could hardly be seen as anything but a sex symbol. And despite the fact that the music scene in Pakistan is so stifled, female musicians like the more [...]

Experience Episode 1 of Coke Studio’s Musical Voyage!

(Pakistan, 16 May 2011) Coke Studio’s journey continues into its fourth season this year with their first episode airing 22 May 2011. While revealing an ever-widening range of musical influences and [...]

Are event organisers in Pakistan avoiding taxes?

LAHORE: Several event organisers are escaping the tax bracket by labelling a concert as a dinner, which is illegal, according to the rules of the Excise and Taxation department. “Certain such cases have [...]

Exclusive: On the Set of ‘Na Samajhna’ with Kamran Ahmed [desihits article]

Kamran Ahmed may be most known for his Bollywood vocal debut, but now this rocker is set to take the pop scene by storm as he gears up to release the single Na Samajhna. This sexy playback singer lent [...]

Salman Ahmed (Junoon) Declares ‘Rock & Roll Jihad’ Against Extremists

August 23, 2010 – By Ron Synovitz Salman Ahmad was a 19-year-old medical student in 1982 when he performed music on stage for the first time in his native Pakistan. Having just returned from six [...]

Will Coke Studio move out of controlled environment?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 – By Rafay Mahmood Karachi: With the start of the new Coke Studio season, the music crazy youth of Karachi has something to talk about other than the usual politics, violence [...]

Coke Studio Season 3: Harder, better, faster, stronger [Instep]

A super intense season of Coke Studio is set to air this summer with as many music legends as pop and rock stars by Amar Ayaz [Karachi] Well guys, the time has finally come to start raving about the upcoming [...]

Canada Pakistan Trade Expo & Mega Star Show Review by PakStar [Must Read It]

ONE DAY – TWO BIG SHOWS – JULY 12, 2009 Review By: PakStar Magazine www.Pakstar.ca CANADA PAKISTAN TRADE EXPO 2009 -UNIVERSAL PROMOTIONS With the full support of local Pakistani media (radio [...]

Kinara Video Making Memories by Shahzad Aslam

Dear aadeez Thanks for liking the video of Kinara. Here is a list of some happening during the video making of Kinara. We were actually not having any specific plan to shoot this video but what ever happened [...]

Beyond the long shadow of Fuzon (instep analysis)

The original Fuzon and their debut, Saagar, is considered one of the best albums of the decade. But the band didn’t last. Shafqat Amanat Ali went solo with Tabeer while Fuzon recreated themselves [...]

Ali Azmat Is Not Dead by Madeeha Syed

The last Ali Azmat gig I attended was a Junoon concert sometime in 1998 at the Alliance Françoise in Karachi. Needless to say, I was pushed around, got an accidental bonk on my head from the danda of [...]

Concert Review: All That Kolachi Jazz by Khaver Siddiqi

They say that jazz is an acquired taste. If that is so, then Karachi has quite an appetite for it. On a brisk Saturday evening the jazz/fusion group, the Kolachi Quartet, performed a gig at the PACC. Pakistan?s [...]
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