Dances in parties do not fall in the category of stage performances

A Clip from Private Mujra Dance Parties (Shame)
A Clip from Private Mujra Dance Parties (Shame)

LAHORE: Dances in private parties do not fall in the category of stage performances as they are arranged with the objective of entertaining a family within four walls and are without obscenity and vulgarity, Lahore High Court (LHC) Justice Khurshid Anwar Bhinder said on Wednesday.

In a detailed judgment banning dances in stage dramas, he ruled that the performance of dances in stage dramas “exceeded all norms of decency” and the display of vulgar, obscene and indecent songs in dramas not only incited the sentiments of the public but also promoted sexual perversion and frustration with the display of semi-nude dancing girls. He said that drama producers were causing frustration and sexual perversion in the public for the sake of material gains and without realising that it was being done in an Islamic republic, which also injures the feelings of millions of people.

He ruled that district police officers (DPOs) and district co-ordination officers (DCO) would be liable to contempt of court proceedings if they failed to immediately stop dances in stage dramas. Justice Bhinder ruled this in the verdict on a petition filed by a producer of Al-Falah Theatre against the removal of dance performances and songs from his script. The judge said earlier court orders against vulgarity and obscenity were not implemented because of the authorities’ failure.

Justice Bhinder observed that it was unfortunate that the authorities and drama directors and producers were not following the Punjab government’s notification against such performances. He said, “There are certain television channels which display the recording of semi-nude stage dances round-the-clock, which, I am afraid, cannot be viewed along with family members. It is hazardous to children’s idiosyncrasies, as their immature minds are attracted to vulgarity and obscenity.”





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