Jawad Ahmad sues Abrar ul Haq

So, the Jawad Ahmad vs Abrar ul Haq episode is still not over yet. Jawad Ahmad has recently filed a lawsuit of Rs100 million against Abrar ul Haq saying that in a talk show he (Abrar) leveled baseless charges against him claiming that he (Jawad) collected Rs600 million for Taleem for All Trust through a telethon at a government-run TV channel, alleging that instead of investing that amount in the trust he used it for producing his film Virsa, he told this at a recent press conference held at Lahore Press Club.

He said he had already told the media that 70 per cent investment in the film had been made by Dr Amanauulah Khan, besides that Indian producer Vikram Khakar and he himself had invested in the film.

He said Abrar had tried to defame him by leveling baseless charges and that was why he had brought a lawsuit against him.

The singer said he had always served people with honesty and dedication and he would continue to do so.

He said though he believed in forgiving people, Abrar had offered no clarification of the ‘baseless’ charges he had leveled against him (Jawad) despite passage of many days since that programme went on air.

He warned that in future if anybody would level such charges against him he had the right to go to the court.

Jawad Ahmad said under Taleem for All Trust programme 14 schools were being run and their details were available on the website, www.taleemforall.org. He said every year the audit report of the trust was prepared which was also available on the website

Source: DAWN.COM






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