Juggan Kazim Makes No Impact in Khamosh Raho

The much awaited release of Juggan Kazim’s debut Pakistani filmKhamossh Raho” resulted in chaos and despondency of viewers as the role Juggan Kazim played in movie could not make any impact.

At the premiere of her first Pakistani movieKhamossh Raho”, Juggan Kazim did not receive the response she was thought of. Many of her invited friends were also not there to support her. Norway based producer Ghafoor Butt endeavors to revive Pakistani cinema taking this Canadian-Pakistani actress on screen failed to make any impact on viewers even many of them were not aware who the Juggan Kazim was.

At the premiere, Juggan Kazim herself revealed the foul points of movie and narrated about her role being condemned by various showbiz personalities. Anyhow, the comparison of Juggun Kazim with Babra Sharif done by director of Khamosh Raho, Altaf Hussain, may heal her broken heart.





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