Veena Malik in BIKINI for Showtime Magazine Pictures (Oh Acha :p)

Veena Malik is a very bold Actress of Pakistan. She is trying hard to make some space in Bollywood by her lusty on Screen actually a Chemistry by the Indian stars.

She tried that in Big Boss 4 and somewhat succeeded in her plan. Now she giving very Hot Pictures in Bikini to show curves of her Sizzling body to gain some attention by Indian Directors and Producers.

The Issue of Showtime Magazine also have interview of Veena Malik, talking about her special Chemistry with Ashmit Patel.

It also got why her Ex-boyfriend Mohammad Asif beat her up…!! And also death threats she has been getting in Pakistan..

So this issue will be very Exciting for Veena’s Fans.



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One response to “Veena Malik in BIKINI for Showtime Magazine Pictures (Oh Acha :p)”

  1. DarQue Avatar

    LOL! If this woman is the? best Pakistan has 2? offer,  i pity the whole country..hahahaa F*K man….. STANDARDS PLEASE!!!

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