It’s Salman Ahmad that I have a problem with – Ali Azmat

The 41-year-old singer Ali Azmat is still one of the most outspoken figures out there, especially when it comes to the pop culture. The singer now says he has nothing against Junoon but he cannot tolerate his ex-band mate Salman Ahmad.

Ali told The Express Tribune, “I have never had any resentment towards Junoon but its Salman Ahmad that I have a problem with.”

Azmat revealed Salman wants to make things good with him but he doesn’t want to have any relation with him.

He added, “I resent Salman Ahmad; I can’t stand the man and can’t take his dramas. It’s a choice of personal liking. Salman has tried to contact me but I don’t see the point, I won’t be able to tolerate a lot of things. When you’re younger, you overlook a lot of things and you don’t know much, but I’m 41 now and at this stage in time I cannot play music like that.”

Salman Ahmad, an iconic lead guitarist and a songwriter, founded ‘Junoon’ back in 1990 when Ali Azmat along with keyboardist Nusrat Hussain joined him and Junoon would then go on to become one of the most successful bands of Pakistan. However, it’s been a while now since both artists are at a distance. Therefore, when Azmat was asked how he feels about the 20th anniversary of Junoon, the artist stated it’s like having a wedding anniversary for parents who are divorced.

Ali concluded, “Having a 20th anniversary album for Junoon is like having a 20th wedding anniversary for parents who are divorced.”

Salman Ahmad has also passed on several harsh statements against Ali Azmat and it looks as if now these two will never been on the stage together but still let’s hope if both artists somehow settle their differences, as together they can certainly produce very good sound tracks.





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